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Welcome to Our
New Website

Welcome to Sharp Pens' brand new website! We’re really excited about it. Here’s why:

Navigation is easier than ever.


When we created our last website, we built it as we went. Sharp Pens was still in development so we added and changed pages as we figured out what our mission really was. Now that we’re more established, we took the opportunity to streamline information, delete un-needed pages and reorganize the site-map.

Registration is simple.


If you’ve been to our workshops, you (or your parent) probably had to work through a complicated registration process. This process has been replaced with something much simpler.

Our students are safer.


We’ve designed this site to be safer for our students. With our new Members Only section, students and their parents can log in to view the details of monthly events. Because log-in requires a password, this helps with event security.


Our Members Only section also contains exclusive student resources. Learn more about free membership.

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