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We are passionate about equipping teens to write stories that glorify God. We do this by hosting a variety of events where they can learn about the craft of writing and form friendships with others who share the same interests.

We know writing can be fun. There is nothing like developing a plot, crafting characters and creating worlds. It’s enjoyable… and it provides students with a positive way to express themselves. We encourage this “fun side” of writing by giving students an environment where they can thrive

We know writing can be hard. Sometimes, writers get stuck. They wind up lost and frustrated with their project. We help students overcome these difficulties by providing them with tips, tools and lessons that will reignite their passion and help them to better understand the story-writing process.

We know stories are powerful tools, capable of teaching a lesson, stirring emotion and kindling change. Stories influence our lives and our culture. It’s time to help students recognize this fact and to encourage them to use their stories to further the kingdom of God.


We know today’s Christian teens have the opportunity to change the world. We are helping these world-changers by allowing them to develop creativity, enhance their communication skills, and learn more about the world around them. Sharp Pens is supporting teens in whatever mission God has set before them.

We’re a wild bunch. We talk about how to rescue the princess and what motivates bad-guys and how time travel could be possible. We discuss warp speed and dragons and the 5.5 Elements of Story. We play crazy games and spend our weekends writing. We have a vibrant community with wild imaginations, strong faith and big dreams. 


We challenge each other to be right with God and to write for God.


Join us for our next big event.

Sharp Pens primarily serves the inland Northwest, drawing students from North Idaho and Eastern Washington.


Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.

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