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Our Student Leadership Team is a new, pilot program for Christian teens who are serious about writing and serious about living for Christ. We’re starting small, but setting our sights high.

The teens involved in this program will help coordinate Sharp Pens workshops, special events, and contests throughout the year. They will also have the opportunity to receive special, writing instruction and participate in regular critique groups. This internship-based program will challenge students to develop better leadership skills, improve their writing abilities, and deepen their relationships with Christ.


As Sharp Pens expands and changes, different jobs will surface. We are looking for young people who are willing to grow to fill those needs. Serving as a Sharp Pens Student Leader means sacrificing time and energy to reach out to peers in order to help them improve their writing and grow closer to God.

Each Sharp Pens internship is a six month commitment. During these six months, students will have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of Sharp Pens—everything from marketing, to teaching, to logistics. They will be encouraged to discover both their strengths and weaknesses so that they can develop their God-given abilities and reach their fullest, world-changing potential.

Every month, Sharp Pens team-members will come together for a meeting. At these meetings, we will touch base, play writing games, form a critique group, and continue to study the craft. Students may also be given assignments to work on over the next month.

Student Leaders will be expected to attend as many Sharp Pens events as possible. They will be allowed to attend as students, but may be given extra responsibilities like decorating, directing games, or leading group discussions. We do understand that there are times when scheduling conflicts will arise, forcing a student to miss an event. That’s okay, but Sharp Pens’ staff must be alerted as soon as possible if a leader cannot attend an event.

After each six month term is up, Sharp Pens Student Leaders can choose to move on or they can re-apply to continue as a part of the team.

There are no fees when you become a team-member. However, we will work through several different non-fiction, instructional books together, and each student will be required to pay for their own copy. Also, Sharp Pens will not be able to provide Student Leaders with free admission to workshops or other events at this point (we just can’t afford it).

The Parents’ Commitment: Parents will not be expected to participate in Sharp Pens events (but they are certainly welcome to volunteer).

At times, being on our leadership team will be challenging for your student, but it will also be very rewarding. As a parent, you can help your child get the most out of their internship by providing them with the love and accountability they need. It will be your job to stand at their side and say, “You can do it. Keep going!”

We want to be very open with Sharp Pens parents, and we would appreciate it if parents would be open with us! If the Sharp Pens staff does anything that you see as a problem, please let us know. If your student is struggling to meet any of the team requirements, tell us. Our intention is not to overburden students. We want to create an environment of growth… and we won’t know that something isn’t working, unless you tell us. If you do contact us about anything, we will do our best to address the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.


No experience needed. Our Student Leaders receive hands-on training and discipleship. Over time, they will learn valuable lessons about event planning, logistics, marketing and publicity, delegation, conflict resolution and responsibility. We will work on different kinds of communication skills, including public speaking, expository writing, web-communication and story-telling. And as always, we will encourage students to stand strong in what matters most—their relationship with God. All of these lessons will be taught through action as we serve each other and the rest of the Sharp Pens community.


Being a Sharp Pens Leader has its perks. Each student will have access to a monthly critique group where they can share their stories with one another in order to give and receive constructive feedback. Critique groups help create strong writing and editing habits. They give novelists a safe place to brainstorm, provide accountability as they create writing goals, and allow for in-depth writing instruction. 


In order to qualify as an applicant, you must…

  • Be between 16 and 19 years of age. If you are 15 at the beginning of the term but have a birthday and turn 16 before the term ends, you are still eligible. 

  • Have a personal relationship with Christ.

  • Be committed to writing God-honoring novels.

  • Have attended at least two Sharp Pens workshops as a student prior to the submission of your application.

  • Live within reasonable driving distance of our headquarters in the Coeur d'Alene area and be able to attend meetings, events and critique groups.


To apply for a position on the Sharp Pens Leadership Team team, please mail/email us the following:

  1. A completed Application Form.

  2. A sample of your finest fiction writing.

  3. An original non-fiction essay or article.

  4. A short, professional biography.

We are not currently accepting new applications. However, you may subscribe to our newsletter in order to be alerted when we do re-open applications.

pdf downloads

We are not currently accepting new student leaders, but you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter so that you can be the first to know when we are open for applications.




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