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Getting to Know You

Our First Event - January 2016

My Hero
To wither a hand...
From your point of view
the Workshop begins
Part of our Amazing Staff
Oh Hi!
Write Time
Session 1
Contest Results
Getting to Know You
Mrs. Graham leads Session 4
Let's get writing
Its all about story
Who Am I?
Jamie speaks about Characterization
Is it another plot bunny?
Write On.
Deep in Thought
Let's Write.
Jamie teaches about Villains
What to Write...
Its Table Talk
Let's talk about story
Poor Unfortunate Souls
The Outcasts
Mrs. Dougall reads a story
Table talking
Table Talk
Jamie joins in
What happened to You?
Another Small Pox outcast
I love writing!
King of Misfortune!
Lunch break
Small Pox Outbreak!
What misfortune?
Another misfortune
Lunch time
Lunch line-up
Lunch time
Mrs. Graham
Think It Through
Planning my writing...
Jamie teaching session 3
Students writing
Point of View
Checking In

On January 23, 2016, we held our first Christian Teen Writers Workshop entitled, Getting to Know You. It was a day filled with games, activities, contests and more as we explored the following topics: What makes a compelling character? How do you create a hero your reader will love? Or a villain they will fear? Is there a purpose behind these ‘fictional people’ that goes beyond your simple (or not so simple) story? 

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